Guide To 99 Hunting On Runescape

Ok, to first start off this is one of my guides I don’t know if you will like it,



but I put a lot of effort into this and thank you for giving me a chance to write for you. My first guide will be on hunting for Runescape pay to play. My way is for best results and it will take about 1 month to month and a half.

From one to nine you start hunting crimson swift birds. What you will need is a bird snare and where the crimson swifts can be found is on Feldip Hills.

Then from nine to twenty you should catch copper longtails you will have to go into the woodlands to catch these it will take twenty-four just to get to level fifteen so as you can tell it will take a little bit to get to twenty, but once you get to twenty you will switch to tropical wagtails this is from level twenty to twenty-nine. Which this will take awhile but it’s still fun to hunt so whatever do don’t think of changing skills this is why most people don’t get to ninety-nine.

The next thing will be catching swamp lizards this is a very good way to level and to get catch you will be doing this from level twenty-nine till fifty. The one of the hardest parts to getting ninety-nine is coming up but it is another great way to make money if you strapped for cash. This will be from fifty to sixty I know it doesn’t sound hard but it is this is where the true test of patience comes into play you will be catching orange salamanders.

I know there are many different ways from sixty, but I will just tell you what I did from level sixty to seventy-five you will be catching red salamanders I know many people don’t like red salamanders but it is a very good way to get to seventy-five.

Ok, you know how I was talking about the swamp lizards was one of the hardest steps to get ninety-nine, the real hardest part of this is from seventy-five to ninety but this is where you make millions literally millions. You will get about thirty-four million gp from doing this and this that I am rephrasing to is red chinchompas I know that people say no that’s not good it will take for ever well it actually goes faster then you think it does. The true task though is from ninety to ninety-nine this is where you make about one hundred million gp I know you probably think I am exaggerating well I am not exaggerating. This will take about a week or two just to get from ninety to ninety-nine this is the part where people want to start to quit doing this and switch skills, but getting back to my guide you will be doing dragon imps yes I said dragon imps!!!

So thank you for your time please respond because I want to know if you like it or dislike it.

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